1113 Unit 1 Rubric

Section DescriptionExcellentStrongGoodNeeds WorkWeakTotal
Content (35 points) (Establishment of Value) An excellent essay will: Clearly identify a personal value of importance to you Clearly define a personal value of importance to you Use experiences and personal insights to create a unique definition of the value(35-31)(30-27) (27-25) (24-18)   (17<)
Significance (40 points) An excellent essay will: Discuss the origin of the value Use specific details from your personal history, including stories, to explore how this value became important to youAnalyze how the value has evolved in your life. Shows, rather than telling.(40 – 35)   (34 – 30) (29-24)    (23-17)    (16<)
Organization (15 pts) An excellent essay will: Be organized in a way that is both clear and engaging for the readerIllustrate thoughtful choices based on reader, making it easy for a reader to follow your essayUse transitions throughout that makes connections amongst experiences (15-14)  (13-12) (11-9) (8-5)    (4<)
Style, Grammar, Mechanics (10 pts) An effective essay will:Use language appropriate to the purpose of the essayDemonstrate deliberate word choice for clarityContain few to no grammatical errorsBe formatted and cited in MLA style
Be at least 1400-1750 words in length 
(10-9)       (8)    (7)    (6)    (5<)

Additional considerations:

  • Assignments not meeting the minimum word count will receive a failing grade. No exceptions.
  • Assignments containing plagiarism will result in either an admonition or violation, and may fail automatically.
  • Assignments that do not meet the prompt—no matter how well written—will fail automatically. Remember, you should not be offering a lot of “advice” in this essay. Your job is to share YOUR experiences in order to demonstrate how YOUR value has been shaped. 
  • Please make sure to upload your final draft (not a rough draft). I will grade whichever draft is in Canvas. 
  • Files MUST BE Word Doc or PDF and the final word count should be included after the conclusion paragraph (this DOES NOT include Works Cited page).

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