1113 Unit 2 Rubric

1113 Unit 2 Rubric

Section DescriptionExcellentStrongGoodNeeds WorkWeakTotal
Content, Part 1 (30 points) (Thoughtful engaging of a different point of view). An effective essay will:  Clearly focus on a single primary text that presents a viewpoint on a specific social or political issue that differs from the writers’ own beliefsAvoid persuasion throughout the essay (essay should never suggest that a stance is right or wrong)Avoid emotionally-charged language Demonstrate that the writer has attempted to understand the values of/reasons for the other side’s perspectiveEmploy a neutral tone (avoiding condescension or dismissal)(30-27)(26-24) (23-21) (20-18)   (17<)
Content, Part 2 (20 points) (Close-reading of the text and exploration of the rhetorical situation). An effective essay will:Exhibit a meaningful engagement with lines of argument that differ from the writer’s by acknowledging the values, beliefs, and experiences that inform the author’s perspective Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the rhetorical situation by acknowledging the various people/groups affected by the issue and connect the author’s stance to these people/groupsExplore the nuance of the rhetorical situation using sources other than the main text to examine the way history, beliefs, and other factors that brought the issue into being affect the stance the author takes Demonstrates a complete understanding of the author’s perspective through analysis of the single text that makes connections to the complexity of the rhetorical situation (20 – 18)   (17 – 16) (15 – 14)    (13 -12)    (11<)
Research (20 points) An effective essay will:Provide a brief history of the issue Use sufficient and varied sources to explore the complexity of the issue Strategically choose sources that promote a fair and comprehensive understanding of the author’s point of view Properly credit research/sources by correctly formatted in-text citationsAppropriately integrate all sources. Use sources in a way that demonstrates sincere engagement with a different point of view Synthesize sources while keeping the writer’s voice/claims at the center of the essay (20 – 18) (17 – 16)  (15 – 14)   (13 -12)    (11<)
Organization (20 pts) An effective essay will:Have a clear claim/line of inquiry demonstrated through an appropriate organizational structure for a close reading and analysisIllustrate thoughtful choices based on the reader, making it easy to follow how the writer’s engagement with a primary text informs her or his discussion of valuesTransition smoothly from one idea to the next, drawing out connections for the readers Present claims/sub-topics in a way that moves readers smoothly through the analysis of the primary text  (20 – 18)  (17 – 16) (15 – 14) (13 -12)    (11<)
Style, Grammar, Mechanics (10 pts) An effective essay will:Use language appropriate to the purpose of the essayDemonstrate deliberate word choice for clarityContain few to no grammatical errorsBe formatted and cited in MLA styleBe at least 1500-1750 words in length (10-9)       (8)    (7)    (6)    (5<)

Additional considerations:

  • Assignments not meeting the minimum word count will receive a failing grade
  • Assignments containing plagiarism will result in either an admonition or violation, and may fail automatically
  • Assignments that do not meet the prompt—no matter how well written—will fail automatically. Remember, you should not be making an argument in this paper. Instead of focusing on who is right or wrong, focus instead on the values that underscore differing perspectives in an attempt to understand those who think differently than you do. 
  • Any paper that does not present a different point of view in a fair & respectful way will not pass. 
  • Please make sure to upload your final draft (not a rough draft). I will grade whichever draft is in Canvas. 
  • Files MUST BE Word Doc or PDF and the final word count should be included after the conclusion paragraph (this DOES NOT include Works Cited page).

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