A Poem: Anymore


I recall her lying there, all broken on the bed,

And oh how my heart ached at the thought of our goodbye.

She looked at me and murmured the saddest words ever said,

But in my heart I knew to go on would be a lie.

I tried to find the words but just stood there silently,

And my heart ached at the thought of walking out that door.

She sat crying for a while and stared right back at me…

I found the strength to say, “I don’t love you anymore.”

And as I held her in my arms that one final time,

I memorized her scent, touch, her teardrops on my face.

And the way that girl once held this beat up heart of mine…

It still haunts me from an old, but not forgotten place.

I curse this thing called love and its wicked, wicked ways.

I know that its to blame for my darkest, darkest days

–Lamanda Beesley Conrad


Published by lamandabeesleyconrad

#Writer of Literary Fiction. Writing Prof @ The University of Oklahoma. Mom & wife. Art, music, theatre enthusiast. HUMANIST.

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