A Poem: Goodbye

She walked into the bar

And sat down next to me.

There was a tattoo on her thigh

That I pretended not to see.

She glossed her lips, lit a cigarette,

Finally ordered a beer.

And without an introduction

She whispered, “let’s get out of here.”

The night was young, the air was crisp,

Her mouth was “kiss me” red.

And when I asked where we should go

She said, “You tell me, instead.”

The sheets ended up on the floor.

The talking ended with a sigh.

She ended up re-glossing those lips.

And I ended up with goodbye.

–L.B. Conrad


Published by lamandabeesleyconrad

#Writer of Literary Fiction. Writing Prof @ The University of Oklahoma. Mom & wife. Art, music, theatre enthusiast. HUMANIST.

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