Conversations with Milton…& Maybe God

In “Paradise Lost,” Milton’s rendering of the fall of mankind, we get a vision of Satan that is very interesting. He tells us, “Myself am Hell.” He also is capable of exiting hell (to make his way to Eden to tempt Adam & Eve), suggesting that he possesses the ability to leave hell. Why? WhyContinue reading “Conversations with Milton…& Maybe God”

End of Semester Musings…

“To allow the powers that be to govern one’s sexuality is to remove something from the private sphere and make it public” (Me, 2015). Revisiting an old research project this morning has me thinking really intensely about our current social climate and the ways we perceive the world and people around us. I am alsoContinue reading “End of Semester Musings…”

Hell: A Visible Darkness

There is a dark place that exists…deep inside of us: perhaps in the heart, perhaps in the mind, perhaps in the soul. But it is a dark space that is a certain kind of hell. When something is weak, or broken, the darkness from that hell seems to find its way into the spaces inContinue reading “Hell: A Visible Darkness”