No One Owes You Anything

Here’s a thought: Your kids do not owe you anything. If you’ve done the hard work of raising them to the best of your ability, investing in their childhood lives, protecting them from harm (even from yourself at times), owning your failures, and making them feel loved, then you likely won’t have anything to worryContinue reading “No One Owes You Anything”

A Brief Reflection on Memories

I was watching a home movie from my childhood, recently, and something my dad said has stayed with me for days, now. In the video, he was filming my bicycle in the front yard. He told the watchers of course whose bike it was. Then he said, “that’s my favorite person in the whole world.Continue reading “A Brief Reflection on Memories”

Frankenstein’s Monster

Bukowski once said that drinking is a kind of suicide. Throwing yourself against a wall and sort of dying. But returning afterward. I think there’s merit in that thought. How many suicides do we attempt on a daily basis? We kill everything that is real and truthful, in about a million ways. We kill ourselvesContinue reading “Frankenstein’s Monster”

Hell: A Visible Darkness

There is a dark place that exists…deep inside of us: perhaps in the heart, perhaps in the mind, perhaps in the soul. But it is a dark space that is a certain kind of hell. When something is weak, or broken, the darkness from that hell seems to find its way into the spaces inContinue reading “Hell: A Visible Darkness”