Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

As I spent the day working on my novel, and drawing anxiously closer to completing my first draft, it occurred to me that my main character is Hamletesque in so many ways. Now, it occurs to me how quickly I am becoming comfortable with making up words like Hamletesque. But it works. Though I hateContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!”

Middle of the Week Musings…

Too many people are afraid of any emotions that aren’t happiness. And that is unfortunate. It’s okay to have sad days. It’s okay to just feel blah sometimes, for no real explainable reason: Maybe it’s because we live in a world that is tragic. Maybe it’s because we are surrounded by people that promulgate hateContinue reading “Middle of the Week Musings…”

Conversations with Milton…& Maybe God

In “Paradise Lost,” Milton’s rendering of the fall of mankind, we get a vision of Satan that is very interesting. He tells us, “Myself am Hell.” He also is capable of exiting hell (to make his way to Eden to tempt Adam & Eve), suggesting that he possesses the ability to leave hell. Why? WhyContinue reading “Conversations with Milton…& Maybe God”