Unit 1 Peer Review Guide

1113 Unit 1 Peer Review Guide:

  1. Paper Introduction (first paragraph): 
    1. Does the writer make clear a particular value of importance to them? 
    2. What do you think about the opening line(s)? Does it “hook” you as the reader?
    3. What does the writer do that you find engaging that makes you want to continue reading their essay? OR what do you think they could do to improve the intro?
  2. Body Paragraphs:
    1. How does the writer seem to be structuring their essay? Is it a five-paragraph essay structure, or does the analysis determine the structure? 
    2. If the writer uses sources, do they properly cite them according to MLA guidelines? Do they include a Works Cited page for sources?
    3. Does the writer share personal experiences (stories about their life?)
    4. Does the writer demonstrate critical analysis by asking questions of the experiences shared? In other words, do they tell us HOW they felt throughout the experiences and WHY they felt this way? If not, mark places on the draft where the writer could dig deeper in order to better show the evolution of their value. 
    5. Do the body paragraphs meet your expectations, thus far, based upon the introduction paragraph? Do you feel they adequately explore their value and its evolution by sharing personal experiences and analyzing them? If not, what do you think they could do to improve upon this and better meet the prompt requirements?
    6. What do you think about the structure of the essay? 
  3. Conclusion:
    1. Does the conclusion remind the reader what the value is that has been critically analyzed and what the writer’s definition of the value is? 
    2. Does the conclusion briefly resummarize major points of analysis (how past experiences have shaped the value and its definition? 
    3. Does the conclusion leave something interesting for the reader to consider?
  4. General Observances:
    1. Is the entire paper properly formatted, using MLA formatting guidelines? 
    2. Does the paper contain a heading (left side of first page (name, course/instructor, assignment, date) and a header (right upper corner of all pages with last name and page numbers)?
    3. Does the paper have a title?
    4. Note grammar/sentence structure/spelling errors throughout the paper

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