Work in Progress

My current work in progress is inspired by the life story of my father.

My protagonist Sonny leads an unconventional life in Southeastern Oklahoma after spending his childhood laboring on farms between Oklahoma and California. He has multiple relationships (simultaneously and NOT secretly) and many children. With them, many losses and regrets. A story about hard life lessons, heartbreak, and addiction, this tale asks readers to consider the consequences of our decisions and the metaphorical hell we create for ourselves as a result of trauma.

It explores non-traditional concepts of love and the quest to be loved.

Ultimately, this book explores the human condition and offers a glimpse inside the mind of a small-town Southern man that lives his life in a big way. It highlights the beauty & heartache that comes with a non-traditional lifestyle & explores themes of generational trauma.

Copyright, 2022, Lamanda Beesley Conrad

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