Lamanda Beesley Conrad

Writer & Writing Instructor at The University of Oklahoma

We must constantly assess our values, reflect on the ways that we weave those values into the fabric of our daily lives, and be willing to change directions when we recognize that we are not living up to our fullest potential.

L.J.B. Conrad



Bluebird, bluebird, on my windowsill… Sing me a song about sunshine and spring.  Bluebird, bluebird, on my windowsill… Sing me a song of remembering.  Oh little bluebird, with magic in your song Sing me a tune that tastes like Christmas morn Oh little bluebird, with fairy dust upon your wing Sing me a melody that…

No One Owes You Anything

Here’s a thought: Your kids do not owe you anything. If you’ve done the hard work of raising them to the best of your ability, investing in their childhood lives, protecting them from harm (even from yourself at times), owning your failures, and making them feel loved, then you likely won’t have anything to worry…


What I want more than anything is for this world to be a kinder place. A more compassionate place. A more understanding place. Where hate and unkindness is not fashionable. Where love and empathy reigns. A world where every life that breathes in its surroundings is worthy of happiness and comfort. Where the word “illegal”…

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“Wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you. For Paris is a moveable feast.”

Ernest Hemingway


P.S. EVERYONE Should Have Dachshunds…

Copyright, 2022, Lamanda Beesley Conrad

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